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Monday, September 17, 2007

A Reservation For Diety

I really like the Latter-day Saint doctrine that says we can become like God. It’s an extremely empowering theology, and to my knowledge, this pathway to celestial royalty is one of the most prestigious concepts in all religious thought. There is so much beauty and strength in the idea of achieving the level of deity.

Being mortal, being human and imperfect creates pain and gives way for much confusion, and yet the hope that one day all will be for a purpose, not only provides a respite from struggle, but also a transcendence that leads to the title responsibility of “creator.” What better way to look toward the unknown of the afterlife than to set the intention that one day I will have worlds and power without end!

There is also something inherently confusing in the contemplation that man can be transformed from an imperfect and slothful being into a god of revered and omniscient power. The process of reaching the status of deity appears to be much more complicated than most humans could ever really conceptualize, and even when most Latter-day Saints feel they have a “sure knowledge” of that part of the gospel, there would seem to be a lack of consciousness for the realities of the entirety of the human race. If man can indeed reach god-like status then why is it only reserved for a small number of individuals who happen to have the experience of the very specific cultural upbringing? Where is the common bond in all of us that gives way to the path of god-like status?

Is this doctrine some of what drove me to feel like I had to marry a woman in order to progress and fulfill the measure of my earth trial? Is part of being a god inherent to the relationship that men and women have in the creation of families and the creation of a marital bond?

There’s part of me that doesn’t want to be a god. I don’t want to see my children going through moments of despair and horrific scenes of devastation. And yet there seems to be so much goodness in the world and so much progress that the joy would be overwhelming. How amazing of a concept to contemplate. I can’t even micromanage my own life, let alone the amazing task it would be to oversee the countless spirits that exist.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

whenever i try to figure out what it eternal life and exaltation and all that means, i go back and read about the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory. i am clueless about what any of it means and so it is a waste of time worrying about it. one day at a time.

6:31 PM  
Blogger gentlefriend said...

I don't think that "god-like status is only reserved for a small number of individuals who happen to have the experience of the very specific cultural upbringing." I believe that people of all faiths who do the best with what they know are on the Path. I believe that in the Spirit World we will find that many in other faiths will be better prepared to learn and live the Gospel than many of us who have it staring in our faces.

You said, "I don’t want to see my children going through moments of despair and horrific scenes of devastation." It seems that being a god is not all bliss. Enoch taught us that God weeps (Moses 7:28). I am sure that He truely understands the pain and confusion you described in your last post and wants to help you.

When Jesus washed the Apostles' filthy feet, he was teaching them the difference between being a King or Queen in His Kingdom and having power in the world. God's influence and power "flow" unto Him "without compulsory means" (D&C 121:46.) Because of His goodness all elements respond to His requests. They respond to His love. His work and glory is to raise us to His side and empower us to bless others as He blesses all who but follow His Spirit. As you help others upward you are becoming more like Him.

As you struggle to find out who you really are, please hang on to a few basic realities: He loves you no matter what; you can never sink so low that He cannot reach you, but you have to reach up and grab; He also reaches out through brothers and sisters around you such as those in this part of the blogging universe. Please hang on. You'll make it through.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Kalvin said...

It's strange. I used to want to be a god as mormon theology suggests, but then I realized, I would be a god inside a box. All you could do was what was perfect. No mistakes! I like to think back to the OT where Jehova says out of the bush "I am that I am", and then compare to Descartes "I think, therefore, I am." We all are I am's. We're gods over our own destinies. That's how I like to think of it. I don't have to wait for some time when I know everything, everywhere, at every point in time (HOW BORING!) and can focus on the wonderful surprise that is life.

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