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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hi, I'm Wyatt

I use to care A LOT about anyone knowing my identity in association with this blog, but I don't have any reason to hide anymore. In fact, I owe it to myself and to those who are going through the same things that I was to be a voice an.

Here's my blog: 'Lead Singer Of a Rock Band' and you can check out my posts there. I'll be deleting this one at some point or maybe leaving it up for whomever stumbles on it. I haven't decided yet. It's crazy how much I've grown in the past couple of years. I feel so blessed and so happy with the decisions I've made and where I've found myself.

Life your life!


Blogger Pancakes said...

I like this a lot. Also, your other blog. :)

10:58 PM  
Blogger Public Loneliness said...

Hi Elbow/Wyatt:

I have followed your journey here and I'd stumbled on to your other blog somewhere. Nothing changes, you're one of those original Mohos that I started reading about way back when...you've had a long at times painful journey. Thanks for sharing your life with a bunch of crazy strangers online.

Hugs, PL

3:20 PM  
Blogger david said...

wow - how crazy, I just decided to come onto elbow's blog because I hadn't in forever and I was thinking, I wonder how he is doing - and crazy - you're Wyatt! you were on my friends list of facebook for a while, and I finally deleted you because I was thinking I have no idea who this person is - I love to look at his amazing pictures of crazy places around teh world - but I don't know him, so why do I hav him on my list - and then the epiphany of coming on your blog - you're Elbow! its Wyatt!, weird - and by the way you know katie Chadwick!?? I went to school with her! crazy small world. I shall friend you again on facebook and see if I can be added again, since I feel this connection.

- epadavito - used to have a blog "eye in the sky"- David

10:45 AM  
Blogger Beck said...

For what it's worth - I'd suggest you keep "Elbow" up so that others can come across your story and the link into this community. I think your story has incredible value and should be told instead of erased.

But you alone must decide if you want it to stay or go. All I can say as a fellow long-timer is thanks for being there from the beginning for me.

1:52 PM  
Blogger CLARK JOHNSEN said...

I agree. Keep it. Its not taking up any room in cyberspace, and its a part of your history book. Don't be a book burner. HAHA can you imagine?

4:10 PM  
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