Elbow: The Creation of My Own Self

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Creation of My Own Self

"You could say that the essence of humanity -- the thing that we all share, and makes us distinct from anything else in the world -- is our lack of essence, our 'no-thing-ness,' our freedom. We cannot be captured by a philosophical system or a psychological theory; we cannot be reduced to physical and chemical processes; our futures cannot be predicted with social statistics. Some of us are men, some are women; some are black, some are white; some come from one culture, some from another; some have one imperfection, some another. The 'raw materials' differ dramatically, but it is how we choose to live that makes each of us what we are. We each create ourselves." -Harry Stack Sullivan


Blogger Ward Cleaver said...

I can TOTALLY relate to what you have expressed here. I TOTALLY understand your descriptions....your thought.....your feelings regarding this complex subject...of sex.

Know that you are NOT alone in your thoughts & feelings.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Beck said...

Not to rain on your parade, but I had fantastic sex, incredible sex for over a year straight after my "coming out" to my wife! It was the oddest thing - I never expected it, but it happened. It was incredible - the best! And very frequent!

But, eventually, this internal debate has crept up on me and the sex has waned to the point that I'm now seeking therapy to deal with these issues of homosexuality that interfere and confuse, and "in the end" never seem to go away.

I want answers! You are coming to some answers! I appreciate your willingness to talk about it - even if it is personal.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

More understanding from me, as well.

Everyone's journey is unique and personal. And sometimes sex is mind-blowing, sometimes gentle, sometimes not-so-great. For me, the most important thing is who I'm with.

Glad you're having some wonderful experiences. I hope they continue.

7:06 PM  

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