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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why I love Gay Mormons

I live in a very gay friendly world. I think it would amaze everyone who reads this blog to see how many gay men and even a handful of gay women are in my life. In where I live and what I do, it literally feels like I’m surrounded by more homosexuals than I am with the heterosexual population. It even amazes me sometimes just how much I’m saturated in gayness. I could make long lists of people that are gay and that share my life with me. And I will:

- My best friend at work is a lesbian/bisexual (she’s not sure if she’s bi or a full on dyke, but she’s having fun trying to decide).
- More than half of the guys in my program at school are gay.
- My boss, who I’m very close to and have a great relationship with, is gay.
- All my and my wife’s friends are gay (with a few exceptions).
- My bishop at Church, yeah, he’s gay (he’s just not out to the ward, or out to himself).
- 75% of my volunteer organization committee is gay, and the head planner is a lesbian and she’s gorgeous, (I love her so much).
- And now that I think about it, I think our dog is gay (but that’s a different story).

I was talking to one of my best friends in the entire world yesterday (yes, he’s gay, and Mormon and has been with his boyfriend for 5 years now) and I was just feeling like I needed to tell him that I love homosexuality. And it’s true, I was thinking about it and I truly love homosexuality, I love lesbians, I love seeing two people of the same gender kiss, and it has nothing to do with a sexual component, but it feels kind of safe and sweet to see two people of the same gender together.

But what I wanted to write about is why I love gay Mormons! I really do. The only guys I’ve ever “dated” or have been intimate with were Mormons. I think gay men who are or have been part of the Church are really attractive. And it's very interesting because if I see a gay man and he’s really attractive, and I later find out that he’s a Mormon, well that puts me over the edge, not only is he attractive, but in my eyes he just got ten times more hot.

There’s something about men in the Mormon Church. They are sensitive, sweet, caring, and they are good fathers and husbands. And Mormon men are hot damn it! I think it comes from the fact that men are in quorums at Church, and the missionary companion rule that they always have to be together ect... And I think that’s why I haven’t followed through with any of the advances that I’ve received from guys, because none of them were Mormon. And because I’m saving myself for my Elder’s Quorum President, who by the way is also gay…


Blogger Waterfalls said...

I have always found Mormon guys to be attractive and irresistible. I'm not even Mormon. I just really find guys with strong morals attractive because I too have them. Plus how is it that every mormon guy is physically HOTT! Yes 2 ts.

5:07 PM  
Blogger playasinmar said...

It's the uniform.

You can't resist a man in uniform. (Or is it "uniform man?")

9:02 PM  

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