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Friday, August 11, 2006

Women = Peace

Maybe I am bisexual. Thinking about bisexuality reminds me that sexuality is fluid, and that no matter what box you place it in…sex is still sex.

I love having sex with my wife, and I feel really great before, during and after. I've never really looked at a picture of a naked girl and experienced a ragging hard-on, but I have been very curious to see what a naked girl looks like. I think vaginas are beautiful, and I breasts are really fun. So if this isn't confusing enough, I like men, I look at a guy, clothes or no clothes, .

When I was young I stumbled on some playboy magazines. Seeing a naked woman made me feel guilty for looking at the magazine. For me, women equal peace. I don't know what it means, but that's the way my brain works. And because I have a sexual relationship with my wife, and since we've been sexually active our whole marriage, when I start to get intimate with my wife, she then equals sex in those moments.


Anonymous Craig said...

Wow! That was a very interesting thought process. I would say that I have to agree with what you have said, because I have enjoyed sex with my wife also. I do however, think that you are still likely gay. I say this only based on my own experiences. For 10 years I had no problem having sex with my wife, in-face, as you do, I did. I have since lost the desire to have sex with a woman, and we have not had sexual intercourse for several years. I love my wife! I love being with her! I love laying next to her. But I don't get sexually aroused any longer.
I don't know that this really means anyting in your case, but I thought I would share :)
Luck and Love!

3:22 PM  
Blogger c.galen said...

there's always the Kinsey scale: 1 totally straight, 6 totally gay, with 3's and 4's bi's. If there is any truth to the movie, Kinsey was probably a 3. I don't know what led him to discard middle point. He could have had a 7 point scale. I may be a genetic 5 or 6 but psychologic and social factors push down, so that I may act like a 3 or 4. The latter of course vary from one day to the next. Elbow, I just came across your blog yesterday and read most of it from the start.
An amazing story. Not my story but some themes overlap and I laugh and cry without.
Sometimes you write like a Kinsey 5 but today a 4. That's not really such a big change. Tides come and go. I always enjoyed sex with my wife, after all an orgasm is an orgasm. With the high testosterone of a young adult, my performance did not require external help.
But over the years, either because of decreased testosterone or other factors, my experience parallels Craig's, and I use gay fantasies to keep going. Sometimes she'd ask, what are thinking about, oh nothing I said...

11:39 AM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Okay--I HAVE to say this...I TOTALLY agree with your reaction to female private parts...but...um...I think I'm probably your only reader who will...which, I suppose, could be a little disturbing to the general public...and, yeah, I think that's funny!! And I also have to admit, it's nice to know there's ONE person, whose blog I read on a regular basis, who doesn't gross out at the female anatomy, which is important since I possess that attribute. Helpful to the self-esteem...

Actually, this is a pretty thought provoking post. What you describe is not the same as what I've heard other SSA men describe when they think of women, sex, etc. I've been accused of being clinical about this subject, and that could be true, but I find it extremely interesting, and each viewpoint lends a new aspect to consider.

I loved reading this. I loved hearing your opinion. And, actually, in some ways, I really understand what you're saying.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Oh, and by the way--I just have to disagree with c.galen ("an orgasm is an orgasm")--all orgasms are NOT created equal...

And it's not unusual for male sex-drive to decrease with age...gay or not.

9:26 PM  

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